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Direction Home (2016)

Direction Home Artwork

Track Listing

  1. Roam On
  2. Rusty Old John Deere
  3. Home On The Range
  4. Why Did Adam
  5. Don’t Wanna Bring You Down
  6. Drinkin’ Friends
  7. Postcard Song
  8. The Place Where I’m Headin’
  9. Day It All Goes Down
  10. Dwell In His House Forever (Psalm 23)

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Burdens of Many (2015)

Burdens of Many frnt Track Listing

1. That Old Habit/Shadowy Side
2. Hurtin’
3. I’m a Sinner Man
4. Trucker’s Blues
5. You Ain’t the Only One
6. Strayin’ From My Blues
7. No One Ever Heard
8. Take These Demons Away
9. There Will Come a Day

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I was raised in the small farming community of Neerlandia, AB, Canada. This upbringing is  at the roots of my music. With some university training for jazz percussion, some experience as a percussionist in a heavy metal outfit, and a church upbringing filled with traditional hymns to back me up, I have managed to forge the beginnings of a career with my second album on the way.

Though I have a tendency to leap into things before I am ready, I believe that you can’t learn to swim until you jump into the river. I think that it’s important for me to keep making music until I learn how to swim.


August 13 @ Clik Coffee Bistro, Abbotsford, BC

August 19 @ Bluebelle Bistro, Kaslo, BC

August 21 @ The Green Door, Kimberley, BC (Sunday Brunch)

August 22 @ Vern’s Bar, Calgary, AB (with Erin Beusekom)

August 23 @ Perks Coffeehouse, Spruce Grove, AB

August 25 @ Rock Trout Cafe, Prince Albert, SK

September 1 @ Gore Street Cafe, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

September 6 @ Rainbow Bistro, Ottawa, ON (with Stormin’ Norman Doucette)

September 9 @ Shaika Cafe, Montreal, QC

September 11 @ Bistro on Prince, Truro, NS